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Birthstones are gemstones which are associated with each month in the calendar.
Birthstones are believed to act as protective lucky charms for their owners, and some even believe that one's birthstone possesses healing powers.
Some birthstones are precious stones like September's Sapphire while others are semi precious such as February's Amethyst and April's birthstone for example is Diamond.
Here before you is a birthstone chart, take a look and find out which beautiful gemstone is your birthstone.

Birthstone of the Month: 


May's gemstone Emerald   

Emerald is a member of the beryl family.
This gemstone is commonly included.
Its name is derivates from the Latin Smaragdus which means Green.

Emerald was one of the 12 biblical gems found in the breastplate of the higher priest.
Emerald was used in ancient times to foretell the future, ward off evil spirits and cure ills.

• Emerald is the birthstone associated with May
• Emerald is the 20th or 35th wedding anniversary gift



The Mohs scale was devised by Friedrich Mohs in 1812 (and therefore it's never spelled "Moh's"). You use the Mohs scale by testing your unknown mineral against one of these standard minerals. Whichever one scratches the other is harder, and if both scratch each other they are the same hardness.  The Mohs scale is strictly a relative scale, but that's all that anyone needs. In terms of absolute hardness, diamond (hardness 10) actually is 4 times harder than corundum (hardness 9) and 6 times harder than topaz (hardness 8). Because it isn't made for that kind of precision, the Mohs scale uses half-numbers for in-between hardnesses. For instance, dolomite, which scratches calcite but not fluorite, has a Mohs hardness of 3½ or 3.5.

The Mohs Scale: 

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