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About our Products & Services

Composed of a single unadulterated element, diamond is the purest of earths
Gemstones. As such, it is one of Gem Art's main products.
Gem art manufactures diamonds ranging from 0.50 to 10.00 carats and
specializes in very fine makes.
We carry a wide range of Rounds, Princess Cuts, Asscher Cuts, Radiants,
Cushion Cuts, and also Ovals and Emeralds. We provide an entire range of
quality goods up to very fine certified diamonds.

Gem art provides Tanzanite, Blue, Pink, fancy Sapphire, Tsavorite, Rhodolite,
Blue Color Change Garnet, Chrome Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Amethyst,
Peridot, Ruby, and Emerald.
Gem Art offers standard-size gemstones in large quantities as well as unique
single gemstones upon demand.

Gem art works solitarily and in collaborations to design and produce special
and unique jewelry.

Assessing and evaluating
Gem art has the experience and the reputation to give you an accurate
assessment of your diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry.
Please contact us for assessments and evaluations meeting your specific needs.

Cutting services
Gem art can provide you with cutting services. For rough or fine cut assuring
full exploitation of the stone.
Please contact us for receiving information over our cutting service.   
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We can supply any gemstone diamond or jewelry design, Please contact us for more details

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